How to Make a Handle for Sailboat Control Lines | Expert Advice

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold. They called the Ghostbusters and they’re in control. Bobby Brown sure knew about lyrics, and handling business but I’m guessing he didn’t know much about making a control line handle for performance sailboats.
Thankfully, I know a bit more about that subject, well, the control line subject that is..
control line handle

Making a braided control line handle is easier than you may think and super useful for any control line that you want to grip quickly and easily.  It also helps the line from getting tangled.

I’ve seen this braided method of finishing a Line used everywhere from the trip line on a big boat spin pole to a Laser Cunningham or Outhaul. Learn this easy method and you will be able to grip smaller diameter lines with confidence and rig and de-rig with ease.

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  1. This blog is awesome. Great resource for those always looking for new ideas and better ways to set up a boat for racing.

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