How to Rig Opti Pennant Plugs and Sail Ties | Expert Advice

UPDATE: Now with HD video instructions! See below.

So you have your shiny new Gold Anodized Opti Pennant Plug ready to go, but just need a little help adding the new bling to your opti race mast? No worries, we’re here for you every step of the way to look over your shoulder and critique your every move… or we could just give you a few tips to get it done. So here we go..

First order of business:

Grab some Opti Sail Tie Line and run it through the long open slot on the side of each pennant plug and center the line.
Opti Pennant Plug with sail tie line


Take the plug and place it in the hole with the circular opening on the plug entering last. Allow the line to be pushed in to the mast hole with the plug. Once both plugs have been
pushed in, take a look down in the mast to make sure the circular openings are lined up with each other.
Opti Pennant Plug in Mast with sail tie

and then..

Take the your Optimist Wind Indicator and seat it in the openings in the plugs on the inside of the mast.
Opti Pennant Plug with wind indicator

and then..

Run the line ends through the open grommet at the top of the Luff of the sail and lash to the mast.Opti Pennant Plug full set up

and then..

Step back, admire your handy work, and then hit the water.

Check out the video above below to see the work in action.
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