Packing Your Gear Bag for a Weight Conscious Sailboat | Expert Advice

Gear Bag

Choosing what to bring in your gear bag when sailing isn’t really a case of right or wrong, but being aware of what you choose to bring can make a difference on a sensitive boat, especially with a large crew.  Being the one who continually brings too much gear in a bag you could fit in, we’re here to help keep your weight conscious boat and crew happy.

Tip #1: The smaller the bag (even if it’s packed full) the better it looks as you walk down the dock. Try something simple like the 10L Gill Dry Cylinder Bag. The smaller size will keep you from adding any unnecessary items.

Tip #2: Pack for the conditions – check the forecast and know what you’re getting into before you leave. No need to pack a jacket and trousers if it’s going to be sunny, warm
with light breezes.

Tip #3: No one gives you grief if you’re already wearing the gear. If it’s chilly – put on a fleece before you get on the boat.

What I normally keep in my sailing gear bag

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