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Race Committee Kit

Here at APS, we have all the items necessary to get your sailing  club race committee off to a great start.

The first thing a race committee will need are some Race Marks. The number/quantity you will need is dependent on the type of course you intend on running (see image below). Typically you will need about 5 to 6 marks for your start line, the weather mark and offset or gate.

Now that we have some race marks, where do we put them?  To determine where we want to set our course up, we will need a few items.

First we have the Windmate 100. This basic wind meter displays current, average and max
wind speeds, as well as wind direction and many other functions.  The Windmate 100’s integral wind vane ensures the most accurate of measurements.

Next, we have the Steiner Vion Mini Hand Bearing Compass, aka the hockey puck.  This small, light weight, easy to use compass is perfect for sighting the line, figuring course bias or determining laylines.  Accurate up to one degree!

Next we have the ICOM IC-M24 Handheld VHF radio.  For all your communication needs, from mark boat to committee boat, or signal announcements.

A few other handy items to have as a race committee will be a race timer as well as a Whistle. For this, I recommend the Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer. With a large easy to read display, and oversized buttons, this timer can handle all your starting sequence options.

Now depending on how official or serious your club wants to be, we offer International Code Flags sold separately or as a full set. The full set includes the full alphabet, numerals 0-9, as well as answering pennants and repeaters.

And finally, for all you record keeping and note taking, the Wet Notes by Ritchie.   Great for anyone that needs to take notes in wet conditions, even under water.

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