Inside the APS Storefront

Inside the APS Storefront

You’ve heard about it once or twice. Heck, it’s on the cover of the 2011 Spring catalog. APS is not just a website, we have a storefront, too!

APS stocks what you need so you can have it as close to immediately as possible. We have to find somewhere to put all that stuff, right? So where do we put it? We treat our storefront like a warehouse. That’s why sailors stop by on their way to the club because that widget busted, an upgrade is necessary, you get the picture… People have likened our storefront to a candy store for sailors. What a compliment!

Mike Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Storefront MangerStorefront Manager Mike Lindsley wants to make sure the storefront functions in the proper utiliarian way – but doesn’t look so utilitarian. Sure, he’ll have a table set up so folks coming into the storefront know what this week’s Hot New Item is, and he’ll set up gear that’s relevant for whatever regatta is being hosted in Annapolis for the weekend. But what about the every day? What about making the store look good (and cool) for customers coming in to pick up parts or try on gear?

Posters! That is the answer! After being inspired by a cool 4′ x 4′ poster that Gill sent us a couple years ago, Mike contacted a few of our other favorite vendors. Check out the storefront now: *Note…the walls were empty before. This is a huge improvement!

Gill Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Storefront

Gill Started it all with this sweet poster!

Atlantis Poster Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Storefront

Atlantis in the house!

Musto Henri Lloyd Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Storefront

Henri Lloyd and Musto duly represented.

Zhik Slam Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Storefront

Zhik and SLAM on the big wall!
Hang tight for burgees to fill in the blank spaces…
Thank you Gill, Atlantis, Musto, Henri Lloyd, Zhik, and SLAM for sending in such cool artwork (in-store customer feedback has been great!) – and for working with us to make the APS shopping experience even better!
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