How to Install Stand Up Springs & Boots on a Block | Expert Advice

What are Stand Up Springs & Boots?

Common sailboat block accessories, stand up springs and boots are meant to keep a block upright. Metal springs come tapered or straight in various sizes to fit a range of blocks. Stand up boots made of PVC are offered in large and small sizes and black or gray. After installation when the line running through the block is slack, the block will not collapse on its attachment point (deck of the boat, traveler car, etc…).

Stand up Spring close up

Why Use Stand Up Springs & Boots

  1. Springs and boots keep blocks in the correct orientation. With the block standing up and oriented in the direction is was when it was last loaded, lines run freer when they reload after a tack or and jibe.  A mainsheet block mounted to a traveler car will be less likely to tangle in the mainsheet when it is supported and not falling into the line during tacks and jibes.
  2. They keep blocks from hitting the deck. An example would be a spinnaker guy lead block that is mounted to the deck.  Each time the bock is unloaded it falls and marks and eventually damages the deck.
  3. Stand up boots, which have a solid construction,offer an added value in that they shed lines, thus preventing snags and tangles.

Where to Use Stand Up Springs & Boots

Try stand up springs & bloots for:

  • Lead block on the deck
  • Mainsheet blocks on traveler cars
  • Mainsheet ratchets mounted on the cockpit sole
  • Upright aft turning blocks for spinnaker sheets.

How to Install:


If your spring is too large to be easily compressed by hand, we recommend using zip ties for installation.

  1. Using 3 zip ties, compress the spring about 3/4 of the way down while cinching ties. Work the ties away from each other until they are equally spaced while cinching tighter.
  2. Once the spring is flattened with the zip ties, put it on top of your fixed point and shackle.
  3. Install block onto the shackle.
  4. Snip off ties making sure your fingers are clear of the spring and all rings and attachments are inside.



Large and small boots can be equally challenging. The zip tie trick is recommended for both sizes.

  1. Using 3 zip ties equally spaced, compress the boot flat and tighten ties down.
  2. Slip loosely cinched zip tie through your shackle. Put boot ontop and use the tie to pull the shackle through the boot. Snip zip tie off of shackle.
  3. Install block onto fixed point shackle with your clevis pin.
  4. Snip off ties making sure to tuck ring or shackle attachment inside of the boot.


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  1. Very clever. Thanks. I would have never thought to use 2 wire ties like a miniature coil spring compressor.

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