Is this the APS Gun Show?

Is this the APS Gun Show?

No I”m not talking about Chris showing off his biceps (there”s not much to show anyways). Apparently one of our vendors is a believer in recycling and reusing – so they sent us some of our merchandise in a previous used box today. This is pretty common and we here at APS fully support everything we can do to help the environment.

Sometimes the result can be a little misleading – as in the case of one of today”s boxes. At first Aaron down in customer service thought it was the official Red-Ryder carbine-action two hundred shot air rifle his mother promised him for Christmas but he never got – I think he might have cried a little when he found out it wasn”t.

Turns out it was just some Opti stuff which is probably for the best since I don”t think the local squirrel population would have appreciated the original contents of the box in the hands of Aaron and Warren after work.

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