It’s All About the Jackson’s…

It’s All About the Jackson’s…

No, not Michael, Tito or LaToya… Andrew.

Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, graces the face of a twenty dollar bill… and while Puffy and Biggie would argue that it’s all about the Benjamin’s, we’re a little more pragmatic and realize that most of us are pretty psyched when we’re rolling with four Washington’s, two Lincoln’s and maybe a Jackson in our wallets. Incidentally, James has this little blue pouch hanging out of his wallet with what looks like a Greek helmet logo and an expiration date circa 1997 — but that’s neither here nor there…

Anyways, the point of this is to bring two things to your attention that might save you a little money. The first is our Winch Sale here at APS and the other is free online NOAA charts at Google Maps.

APS’ Super Duper Waaaaaay Cool Winch Sale
Winches are the workhorse of your boat when you really think about it. The sails, lines, rudder, keel, etc. get all of the glory — but it’s the winch that does the real work on the boat. If your winches are making some noises that rebuilds haven’t helped, have some damage from many years of faithful service or it’s just time to get some new ones on-board, we’ve put together a great deal for you.

Starting on Wednesday, May 13th until Tuesday, June 9th, you can take advantage of the following deal:

Lewmar Winches: 20% off APS’ price*
(36% off Lewmar’s list price).

Harken Winches: 10% off APS’ price*
(32.5% off Harken’s list price).

Andersen Winches: 10% off APS’ price*
(37% off Andersen’s list price).
* – percentage “off APS’ price” refers to APS’ published price.

That’s it — it’s pretty straightforward: buy a winch, we’ll discount it for you even more than we normally do. And don’t let the discounts throw you either… these aren’t knockoff winches like that watch you got from “Honest Leroy” on the corner of 5th and Madison that doesn’t have any even numbers on the face and the brand name is spelled “ROLL-X”. These are the real deal…

Google Maps and NOAA Charts Had an Online Baby

So, this isn’t a secret, but if you haven’t seen it before, it is pretty cool. Google Maps is one of the better online maps available (in my opinion) and someone did a mashup of Google Maps’ interface and NOAA marine charts. As you continue zooming in on an area, it continues to overlay more and more detailed NOAA charts.

While it might not stop you from going out and spending the Jackson’s on some charts, maybe it will. At the very least, it’s fun to mess around with and it is totally free.

Take a look:

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