J-World Thursday Night Winners will be Rockin’ Musto Gear!

J-World Thursday Night Winners will be Rockin’ Musto Gear

Last night, the usual suspects plus several new faces showed up to the J-World Thursday Night Series Awards at the Boat Yard Bar & Grill. Despite the fact the final races were called off due to looming thunderstorms, a solid crowd of sailors found themselves in high spirits among friends.

APS and Musto were responsible for offering prizes up to the top racers in each class for the overall season, and our very own President Kyle Gross was on the scene shaking hands and passing out awards.

(Insert drum roll)…The awards went out to…

In the J/22 class:

Alan Finklestein finished Third overall, Kevin Elion in Rug Burn finished Second, and Jeff Todd in Hot Toddy, lead the fleet in First.
With 26 boats competing in the J/24 class:
Fleet Captain Brent Ellwood finished Third, Michael Murry’s boat, Roo ended up in Second and Paul Van Ravenswaay’s, Mil. Falcon took First.
The smallest yet loudest group of the J boats, the J/80 class: Ken Mangano in Mango finish Third overall, Rob Mairs in Puffinator captured a Second and Brian Robinson, Angry Cameleon took First for the season!
Awards-Kyle-and-Cat at boat yeard
This year, Carole and Jeff did a wonderful job (as usual) organizing the Thursday Night Races that are a legend to many across the States.
A huge Thank You goes out to Musto and APS Musto Rep Arthur Libby for coordinating wtih us so we could give these racers some extra incentive to go faster out on the course. (Really, who isn’t going to race faster when there are APS and Musto Gift Certificates on the line?!!)
Congratulations to all the winners. We’ll see you when you come in to snatch up that Musto gear you’ve had your eye on all season! As always, Thursday Night Races are always quite competitive and incredibly fun. I’m already looking forward to next year’s season.
But for now (and I’m sure I can speak for several APS Staffers) I’ve got frostbites on the mind!
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