J/24 World Championships — The Foreign Invasion of Annapolis!

J/24 World Championships — The Foreign Invasion of Annapolis!

The 2009 J/24 World Championships are being held here in Annapolis, MD and our very own Jarrett Hering is going to be out there trying to bring it home for the red, white and blue (U-S-A! U-S-A!) against competitors from 17 other countries. Here’s a little preview of the event — we’ll have more next week, along with a wrap-up when the regatta ends from Jarrett.

Jarrett Washing His Bottom...J/24 World Championships Preview
By Jarrett Hering
Annapolis, MD

They’re unchaining me from APS Rigging Department for the next week and I’ll be crew member aboard Millennium Falcon (USA 5350) for the 2009 J/24 World Championships.

I wanted to start off with a few things that have been happening prior to the Worlds. The word of 2009 for the crew of 5350 has been “training” and there has been lots of it. We’ve had successful 8hr. on-the-water coaching sessions, hours of chalk-talk and discussion about tactics, maneuvers, big fleet strategies, crew and just about everything else J/24.

Additionally, I’ve been preparing my body for the 5 days of strenuous competitive sailing at Worlds. I have been running, working out at the gym and sailing as much as possible to prepare. Gym routines that involve using weighted lines to increase grip strength, running and aerobic exercises to simulate the maneuvers that I go through while on the boat. I am taking this seriously and I look forward to the some extremely competitive sailing against the other top J/24 crews.

With Worlds starting only a few days from now we are using our time for some final boat prep, dropping the last few lbs. for crew weight and getting all of our ducks in a row. I know that something will come up, whether it be gear, boat, rigging, or whatever and preparing ahead of time is gonna make these last few days go smoothly.

There are 82 boats signed up and this Worlds is stacking up to be insane and intense. Annapolis Yacht Club is playing host and doing an incredible job thus far accommodating competitors from 18 different countries. On the schedule of events is an opening ceremony in Annapolis City Dock, tent parties each night, special events to show off what Annapolis has to offer and some really great sailing. I hope to give a few more updates as this Worlds progresses do stay tuned to the Stern Scoop.

USA 5350

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