Kicking off Key West Race Week 2012

Kicking off Key West Race Week 2012 feature image


Customer Service Rep Matt F.
continues to blog down in the Conch Republic.  He sent us this on Saturday:
After all the work we’ve done to
get the boat down here and set up (admittedly only three days), I’m just
looking forward to getting out on the water and sailing.  Here’s my day-by-day, by day report.
Thursday was spent setting up the
boat and catching up on sleep after the road trip down.
Friday, we splashed and motored our
boat over to its home for the week. There, we completed more general set-up.  End whipswinch
, some one
 here, one
 there.  Oh, and the electronics, too – that’s always
important, or so people tell me.
We were able to weigh in that day,
which worked out well.  I weighed in at 5
lbs less than expected.  That was
surprisingly easy to do on the tail end of a 24-hour road trip after a full
work day.  Admittedly, several of our
meals consisted of beef jerky.
It’s Saturday now, and two more of
our crew showed up at noon.  Currently, we’re
ready to set sail and work out any kinks.  Looks to be a great day – high of 67°, North winds near 20
knots, seas 2 to 3 feet, nearshore waters choppy to rough, isolated showers…”
How’s Annapolis looking today?
Well Matt, Annapolis is looking
cold.  I’m sitting at my desk still in my fleece and scarf.  
Today, the high is 34 degrees,
which to those of you who don’t want to do the math, is less than half of the
beautiful 73 degrees you’re experiencing.  

Regardless of the cold temperatures here, it sounds like a great day to
kick off some racing.  With those sunny 73 degrees and the added bonus of
some notorious Key West Breeze, the forecast is calling for E/NE at 15 – 20mph.
Good luck to all, and let the racing begin!  
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