Laser Daggerboard Friction Pad Mk2 | Expert Review

Laser Parts Upgrade: The Daggerboard Friction Pad Mk2

We finally got our first shipment of the new laser parts upgrade, theĀ Daggerboard Friction Pad here at last and all the Laser sailors on the staff are excited to get their hands on them. Without even opening the package I can already see that this friction pad will offer a big improvement over the old W daggerboard brake (really anything would be an improvement). Check out below for more pictures of this must have Laser Parts upgrade.

The blue shown is a hard plastic while the white is a more rubbery feeling material. It angles aft from top to bottom – fitting with the shape of the daggerboard. The mounting holes are oval shaped to allow you to move the friction pad fore and aft to increase/decrease the friction created. The idea is that this allows you to fine tune the friction for your particular daggerboard and setup.

Hopefully this will help eliminate the need to kick the board down between tacks as well as reducing the side to side movement when sailing in chop. Aaron in customer service is sailing a Thanksgiving Day Regatta tomorrow so look for some user feedback here on the Stern Scoop early next week. The Annapolis Laser fleet takes this Sunday off from frostbiting so I won”t use it for the first time for another week and a half.

At $19.00 we finally have a Laser upgrade that won”t break the bank. While they were a little late in launching the final product (initial feedback said they were coming out over the summer) Laser Performance now says they have plenty in stock.

Stay tuned for more feedback as we put this new Laser Performance Daggerboard Friction Pad to the test.

Laser Daggerboard Friction Pad Mk2
Laser Daggerboard Friction Pad, back view
Laser Daggerboard Friction Pad, side view

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