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One of the great things about Laser sailing is that even the most Gucci of upgrades is only going to set you back less than a dinghy boat unit (a mere Ben Franklin rather than a big boat grand). This year we’re offering a couple different new Laser rigging options that will make your life easier and help keep your head out of the boat.

Laser Pro Clew Inhauler

One of the upgrades we’re offering is the Laser® Pro Clew Inhauler. It attaches to the old outhaul cleat on the boom and hooks on to your clew to pull the sail forward when you ease the outhaul coming around the mark.

It’s super easy to install – you just fold it in half and luggage tag the middle of the shock cord to the cleat. Then just cross the shock cord under the boom and hook it onto your clew strap or through the grommet. You can leave the shock cord on the boom when you’re not racing making it super easy to hook up when you’re rigging.

Laser Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit

The other upgrade is the Laser® Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit. It’s an upgrade for the daggerboard shock cord that comes with the boat. It mounts to the eyes aft of the mast and attaches to the daggerboard with a tiny snap shackle. This provides a lot of downward tension on the board and helps hold it down tighter in the trunk.Laser Daggerboard Friction Pad

Combine thing with the new Daggerboard Friction Pad and you’ll have the ultimate system to keep the board down upwind.


If you haven’t checked it out we also have a section devoted to mainsheet options for the Laser®.

Here’s a short instructional video by yours truly on how to install the Daggerboard Downhaul Kit.

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