Learn to Sail

Learning to Sail and Sailing Certification

These organizations are widely held as setting the standards of learning that most benefit those wishing to learn to sail for the first time or improve existing sailing abilities; or earn recognized sailing certifications for sailboat chartering or work in the recreational marine industry. Through them you may choose online learning, class room learning, on the water sailing schools, and special sailing opportunities.



Online Sailing Courses and Certifications from NauticEd

NauticEd’s Sailing Education and Sailing Certification Program providing sailing training from basics to advanced education through entertaining and interactive multimedia online sailing courses and a network of global training centers.

Their alliance with the Royal Yachting Association, the world’s most revered certification system, help students pass the RYA Day Skipper course which is the precursor to the International Certificate of Competence, the ICC. The ICC is the world’s only true sailing license for recreational boaters. If you’re ever going to sail in Europe it is now mandatory that you have the ICC.

Additionally, you can store and update your sailing resume in the cloud with NauticEd.

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US Sailing Certification

Sailing Classes & Certifications from US Sailing

Learn to Sail with US Sailing. Part of US Sailing’s vision is to introduce as many people as possible to this great sport. US Sailing wants to make sure you’re learning in a safe, fun, high-quality environment…because if you’re a well-trained, competent sailor you’ll love sailing as much as we do. US Sailing provides education and instruction in four separate areas: Small Boat (i.e. day sailing), Keelboat, Powerboat and Windsurfing. Learn more about the different programs offered by US Sailing schools and instructors. They will help you decide what kind of boat you want to learn on and find a course to take – and they have written the books themselves.

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Sailing Courses and Certifications from The American Sailing Association (ASA)

The ASA is dedicated to training, teaching and certifying schools, sailing instructors and sailing enthusiasts. When you join the ASA, or work with an ASA certified sailing school, you learn how to sail from professionals receive rigorous, safety-first education and great sailing instruction.  ASA affiliated sailing schools now graduate and certify thousands of new sailors annually – sailors who learn faster, learn more and have more fun sailing in more new places.

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J World

Sailing Courses and Certifications from J World

J/World is “the performance sailing school.” They guarantee that regardless of your present skill level or the type of boat you prefer, your training at J/World will improve your performance as a sailor.

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