Let’s Get Ready to Huuummmbbbllle!

Let’s Get Ready to Huuummmbbbllle!

When Warren asked me to skipper a J/22 with him and Aaron in the Santa Maria Cup Pro-Am fleet race today, I stupidly said yes.

I say “stupidly” because while my skills driving a J/22 have improved, I still suck out loud compared to these women. We”re talking about racing against ten of the best women sailors in the world, along with some local industry pros who won”t be pushovers either. If we don”t get pummled, it will likely be a combination of good luck and Warren/Aaron bailing me out with some great crewwork. And if we do get pummled, it”s all their fault…

The breeze will be on; when I woke up this morning, it was up around 33 knots. I thought Mother Nature was going to bail me out — no dice though, as the wind has dropped into the low 20″s / high teens. Should still make for some fun racing though, with short courses planned…

My goals for the day are simple — don”t break Warren”s boat, don”t hit anyone, don”t finish DFL and get the Aussie girls to talk to me because I”m a total sucker for their accent.

We”ll have a wrap-up tomorrow — hopefully though, no pictures or video.

Ego Saving Update:
They just cancelled the event due to too much breeze. Which was actually sad because I thought it was starting to look nicer out there and I had been called a pansy by enough folks here at APS that I was actually ready to sail. I also didn”t want to work any more today…

It makes sense though; no point in risking damage to the boats before the match racing starts – the locals can get schooled by the ladies some other time.

Rob”s theory was that they were just scared to sail us — one of those moments where we were scared of them and they were scared of us, just like this one (you can stop it after the 0:47 mark) and probably with the same results (aka – not succeeding and doing something dumb in the process):

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