Life is Good

Life is Good

Sometimes it”s easy to forget just how good you have it. But with the warm sun setting over the cityscape of the self proclaimed “Sailing Capital of the Universe” on the way to the hoist from a night of weekday racing it”s pretty hard to forget around Annapolis this time of year.

Pictured above Katie, one of APS” fulfillment team members, and James, APS” storefront manager share a laugh over a cold one after racing last night on a J80 with Warren and Aaron, both APS customer service team members, and myself. Despite a fickle warm Southerly the RC managed to get 3 solid short course races for each of the 3 fleets of J boats on the water. Now if my counting is correct that”s 9 races for nearly 50 one design keelboats and close to 200 sailors.

I”m no Einstein but in my mind those simple variables certainly = life being good.

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