The Madness of March

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It’s that time of year again, time for office employees everywhere to spend their entire lunch hour arguing about how their team has the best chance to make it all the way to the big dance. Here at APS, we’re not immune to the mystical allure of filling out a bunch of lines on a bracket with haphazard guesses based on little to no actual data.

A number of the guys here at the shop have joined a group of like minded competitive individuals, 162 of them to be exact. This is a pretty big group so the winner stands to get a lot of… congratulatory remarks.

APS is holding it’s own pretty well so far, which is good because we have a bit of a tradition to uphold. Last year in the same group Chris finished in 3rd place and Rob took 3rd the year before that.

Right now Rob’s girlfriend Meredith is winning going into tonight’s games. Warren is 2nd and Chris is 10th. I’m holding down a strong 16th but Rob (52), Jarrett (54) and Mike (96) aren’t doing so well right now.

It all could change tonight though – it’s time to put up or shut up, where your bracket is either made or broken, go time and a number of other hilarious things “that guy” who is way too into it says all day long for these few short weeks. We’ve got one of those too but I wouldn’t want to point fingers (hint it’s Warren).

It’s probably up to Warren to maintain the APS 3rd place streak another year. He took Pitt to win it so we’ll see how that goes for him. All of my hopes rest with UConn so go Huskies.

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  1. Why isn’t Jarrett allowed to play with the other kids? Oh and who is that portly bald guy beyond the APS mark?

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