March…in like a lion

APS march snow featured image

Opened the door,
March came with a roar

Digging her out
I could hear her pout.

Pushed by strangers feet
to the top of the street.

Traction control,
barely missed a pole.

The commute was a chafe
but the boats are all safe.

Work is not far,
except, in this car.

Editors Note: For those of you who placed orders with us this weekend we’re working with a skeleton crew here today. Some orders scheduled for shipment may be delayed a day. My apologies also go to the UPS guy who cannot get to our loading dock at the moment. I made it all the way here but when I pulled in our lot I wiped out front and center. I promise next time I’ll opt for the all wheel drive model.


Editor’s Rant by Chris:
Just because you ponied up for the 4-Wheel drive package, you do not have the right to drive like an idiot or tailgate when it snows.

Conversely, if you have a car that weighs 79lbs, like the Mazda Miata that I watched auger into a snowbank this morning, you might want to rethink your brilliant master plan of going out on streets where there’s 4-5″ of standing snow. You’d be safer pulling a Wile E. Coyote, strapping yourself to a rocket and aiming it in the general direction of your office.

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3 Responses

  1. You guys on the East Coast gotta get out more.

    Here in the Midwest we drive thru that stuff every week. What I see on the ground would only give the kids a 50/50 shot at having school cancelled for a snow day.

  2. I agree it wasn’t enough snow to make a big deal about but…

    The difference between the Midwest and here is that out there it does happen frequently, people know how to drive in it (they don’t have summer sport tires on their rear wheel drive cars), and your municipalities are more prepared to handle it. I’m also pretty sure the city of Annapolis decided they needed to save their salt budget, the plow drivers were furloughed, and they closed schools.

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