Sailboat Line Materials: What is Dyneema line? | Expert Advice

Sailing Line is made with a wide variety of materials, each have unique characteristics that allow them to excel in different applications. In our next few blog post we are going to take you through each option and describe what makes it unique, and how you can use it. Next up is Dyneema line.

Dyneema line is made of a popular and versatile “high tech” material that is used in many line applications today.  It is used in single braid and double braid applications.

Here’s a summary on the various forms of Dyneema used today:

Single Braid Dyneema Line:  Used as primary control lines, vang cascades, wire replacements.

Dyneema Blended Single Braid : Mainsheets on keelboats and any control line on dinghies, sport boats, and keelboats.

Double Braid Dyneema Line:  The small diameter double braids can be used as any type of control line on small boats, sport boats, or keelboats.  The larger diameter is great for premium sheets, control lines, spin halyards on sport boats and keelboats.

Heat Set:  Great for high load applications such as steering cables, backstays, and main and jib halyards on big boats.

Dyneema Cover:  This is a thin Dyneema cover only used for chafe protection where halyards exit masts up top.

So you can see that Dyneema comes in many forms offering a premium option for just about any application.

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