Sailboat Line Materials: What is Polyester Line? | Expert Advice

Marine rope is made with a wide variety of materials, each have unique characteristics that allow them to excel in different applications.  We’re going to take you through each, and describe what makes it unique and how you can use it.  First up is Polyester, the MacGyver of line materials.

Polyester marine rope is the most ubiquitous line material found on sailboats from dinghies to large keel boats and beyond.  It’s uses range from halyards to sheets to control lines to covers for polyester cores or other high tech materials.  If polyester was a superhero, its name would be captain chameleon.

Want to check out all of the marine rope we covered in the video? Here they are (in order).

  1. Single Braid – Yale Ph.D Cruiser
  2. Double Braid – Marlow Excel Racing
  3. Double Braid – New England Sta Set
  4. High Tech Double Braid – New England Endura Braid
  5. Heat Set Double Braid – Marlow Super Pre Stretch
  6. Blended Single Braids – New England Buzz Line
  7. Blended Single Braids – Samson DPX
  8. Cover – Yale Cover Only

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more polyester than a 70’s Disco!”

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