Sailboat Line Materials: What is Vectran Line? | Expert Advice

When you need the Hercules of lines, look no further than a Vectran rope.

Vectran is a type of liquid crystal polymer (LCP). It is similar to Dyneema with a few key differences. Vectran rope made its way into the sailing industry due to its very desirable properties of low stretch, or elongation under load. It is comparable to Dyneema but much less creep, and elongation over time.

Vectran also offers higher resistance to heat. The trade off comes in that it is not as UV stable, and depends more on a coating or cover for sun protection. However for racing boats, the cover is still commonly stripped.

Vectrus 12 - Vectran rope

Now while your boat may not be nearly as high tech as the Mars rover or NASA’s extravehicular mobility unit (space suit), you will be happy to know that the very same material that they utilize can be put to use on your sailboat.

Some of Vectran rope best uses in its uncovered state are as a wire replacement, and a cascade or purchase set up. These set ups are especially useful below deck where you can minimize its UV exposure.Robline Dinghy Vectran rope

In its covered form, Vectran rope is perfect as a main or jib halyard on keel boats and dinghies. It is also commonly used as sail ties on small dinghies like the Optimist and Sunfish.

Lets take a closer look:

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