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This product is no longer available, but check out our selectiono of waterproof and breathable boots here

I was asked to write this review about the HPX Leather Musto Boots with Outdry® a while back, but I wanted to make sure that I wore them a lot before giving my opinion. So use them I have.

I used them in Annapolis’ warm weather, on the Bermuda Ocean Race, up at the NYYC Regatta, on rainy days, and most recently while teaching little kids how to sail at the U.S. Boat show on the tiny and very wet Bug Boat Demos.

Inclement weather (rain and big waves) shouldn’t dictate when I can or can’t do an offshore delivery, tough race or casual cruise, which is why high end boots are a must for me. Long story short, I made the right call and got great, comfy, Outdry® dry, stylish leather boots for sailing.

HPX Leather Musto Boots

These Musto boots are made out of a durable waterproof leather outer, a rubber GripDeck outsole, a removable anatomically shaped foot bread and an Outdry® lining. Highly breathable, quick-drying, grippy, comfy, stylish and really waterproof is all anyone ever really wants out of their boots. A tall order, but these ¾ HPX’s have it all in abundance.

Musto Boots - outdry info

A quick note on this Outdry® that I keep referring to over and over again. Musto has been a proven frontrunner in pushing cool new technology that really works. They replaced the Gore-Tex® in their boots with this new Outdry®. With Outdry® the external layer and membrane are one unique bonded structure, water penetration is blocked with no weight increase from absorption, while maintaining a space of dry air between the skin and the membrane, reducing the risk of dew condensation. (Basically my feet feel lighter and less clammy.)

Musto Boots - Out Dry detailHPX Musto Boots, The Good

I wore them on the Bermuda Ocean Race during my night watches and felt sure footed, warm, and light on my feet (read: not clunky).

I wore them on a delivery aboard Night Town, a J/42, through the El Derecho Storm (we saw gusts of up to 52 kts) while sailing through Cape May. After helming and getting pelted by sideways rain and pushed along downwind by 8 foot swells for two exhilarating, lightning filled hours, I was tired and went below.  Once below I got that wonderful feeling.  You know the one. The one where you realize, as you’re taking off the layers and salopettes and boots all in one go: “Man it’s nasty outside and now that I want to rack out in my warm dry bunk, I happily find that my socks are as dry as can be (Read: These boots are totally worth it! Dry!!!).”

Fast Drying HPX vs comparable boot

 Two weeks later while racing at the New York Yacht Club Regatta aboard a fast new J111, I was again wearing my Musto HPX Outdry® Boots.  A wet, rainy, swelly Atlantic morning left the leather on my boots looking drenched, even though my feet and socks were dry.  About two hours later, shortly after our race, one of the crew noticed my boots and said with a slightly shocked tone, “Wow, your boots are really dry.” It took me a second to realize that he was referring to the outside of my boots, which had dried quicker than most everything else.  This quick-drying explained why they didn’t feel weighed down and clunky after the downpour.  Similar experience happened on the rainy Sunday while instructing 8 year olds all day long at the Boat Show. I was wearing my HPX’s and  my coworker  was wearing her Dubarry Ultima Stretch Sea Boots.  The rain had stopped and we both looked down and saw that my boots were dry while the leather on hers took
another hour to dry.

HPX Musto Boots, The Bad

I wore them the first time one hot Thursday evening race on Dragonfly, a J80 (HAD to try out my new SWAG).  I had to wear them with shorts because it was that hot. It was a tough way to test that yes, indeed they have a good grip, feel light and are comfy while moving about. But they are still boots and unfortunately don’t come with air conditioning (wishful I know.  The other down side to these or any other brown leather boots is that they are prone to experience some scuffing, but they’re still good, rugged boots. (After 4 months of decent use, my boots still look great.)


100% waterproof, rugged material, great traction, lightweight, warm, and fashionable on and off the boat… I love my Musto boots and consider them to be a very valuable asset in my arsenal to keep the cold and wetness away.

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