New at APS – Airplanes?

New at APS – Airplanes?

Did you try to call us between 2:30 and 3pm eastern standard time today and wonder what we were doing not answering the phones? This afternoon at APS we had a special staff training session in performance jet aircraft.

We think this is really going to be the next evolution in sailboat racing – water and wind are really our limiting factors here so we”re taking to the air and strapping jet engines on our backs. Hydroptere has nothing on the speed records we”ll be setting.

Really though it”s the Naval Academy”s commissioning week and the Blue Angels had a flight demonstration today. Kyle was nice enough to let everyone take a break for a little while and go watch the show.

It”s really pretty awesome to watch so we hope you”ll forgive us for not answering the phones for a little while. Here are some shots we took of the show so you can see what we mean.

Here are some of the boys from the shop watching, including the Stern Scoops very own Chris with the video camera.

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