New Catalog?


While I write this our very own catalog creation expert Rob is uploading the final copy of our 2009 catalog to the printer. In just a few short weeks (I’m told sometime in mid April) they will be arriving at your doorsteps.

Pictured above is our main cover – a shot of Terry Hutchinson and crew during Melges 24 NA’s here in Annapolis last fall. Loyal Stern Scoop readers out there might notice the similarity with our header picture here on the Scoop that was obviously taken at the same event. The giant APS logo in the spinnaker might have something to do with why we like it so much.

The ’09 catalog is the result of a whole ton of work on the part of Rob as well as Mike, Jaja, Kyle and myself. I mentioned a while ago we’re adding a number of new one designs and all sorts of new products and clothes. There’s also another big change that I’m still not allowed to tell you about but it’s pretty cool.

Now that we’ve finished that project we’re hoping to put together a bunch of video gear reviews for the Scoop and the main website so look for that in the next month or so.

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