New England Ropes Looks back on APS’s 20 Years

New England Ropes Looks back on APS’s 20 Years feature image

New England Ropes is a stronghold in rope manufacturing. Their status in the marine industry is due to partly to innovation and partly to service – the variety of line they offer combined with their efficiency and customer service on a wholesale level is remarkable. Marine Market Manager Kevin Coughlin was kind enough to take time to reflect on the relationship New England Ropes shares with APS as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary.


1. Why did you select APS as an avenue through which you would bring your products to market?
Plain and simple, APS is a market leader with knowledgeable staff. What better way or better relationship when you take the leading products from our brand and have them brought to market by leading one-design and dinghy specialist? As APS has grown, so has New England Ropes.

2. What has been a high point for you when working with APS?
Our first order about 5 years ago. We made a commitment to the market that APS has excelled in servicing for over 20 years. Our team designed and produced products that would add value and service the end-user – and with help from APS, we try and identify opportunities to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

3. What success has New England Ropes shared with APS?
Our success lies in our close relationships with leading athletes, boats, and riggers worldwide. We take that information and develop products faster than our competitors. Our goal is to always involve and include APS so that they can take advantage of this and continue to be at the forefront of innovation in cordage solutions for the racing sailor.

4. What do you like about dealing with APS?
Everything. It is the whole organization, from store level, riggers, buying team, to marketing, and owners. All take the time to learn our products, collaborate, plan, and execute. APS is passionate about servicing and solving the customer’s needs. We share the same passion and want to make sure the racing sailor has a great experience with our products through APS.

5. What 5 words would use to describe APS?
Leader, Innovator, Entrepreneurial, Integrity, Commitment


Here is a sample of some of the great New England Ropes products APS recommends to customers on a daily basis as people call in with rigging orders:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS New England Ropes Sta-Set

Iconic Sta-Set sets a standard, which all other double braid polyester lines are measured against. It offers high strength, low stretch, and extreme durability. We recommend it for sheets and/or control lines in lower load applications.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS New England Ropes ARC Cover

The ARC Cover is a technical blend designed to protect lines that function under very high loads by preventing surface-melting and surging.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS New England Ropes DCS Cover

The DCS Cover is made of 100% Dyneema SK-75 and is intended to reduce friction around tight radius applications where there tends to be high abrasion on a line.

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