New Sale Rack Setup

New Sale Rack Setup

As the Website Director here at APS, my job encompasses more than just writing smarmy blog posts about new gear and products, ruining APS’ relationships with our vendors.

I also take a look at our site from all angles, working to make it more user friendly in the hopes that you’ll find it to be the best resource in our industry. One of the tweaks that I made yesterday was to redesign our Sale Rack.

If you’ve never visited our Sale Rack before, it’s where we put items that have been discontinued, changed for the new year or that might be slightly imperfect. The discounts are usually pretty solid and there’s always a pretty good deal up there.

For a long time, the APS Sale Rack was just one BIIIIIG honkin page of products. A couple of weeks ago, I was searching for something on the Sale Rack and got cross eyed looking through everything. So I got to work tweaking it around, making it much easier to navigate by breaking everything into categories like we do all over the site.

So take a look at the new APS Sale Rack and see if you can’t find a great deal on something.

Also, I’m always open to your feedback, good or bad — you can reach me at Just don’t copy my boss on the bad stuff…

Luckily my links to the My Little Pony Fan Club and US Figuring Skating Assoc. are off the screen…

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