Quantum Key West Race Week 2012

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Customer Service Rep Matt F. is down there already warming up on Farr 30 Mummbles, Purchasing Manager Lynn B. headed out of town two days ago to be support for an Ohio boat, and Customer Service Rep. Warren R. is the only one left at the shop who’s planning to head South for the 25th Anniversary regatta.

I sent an email to him earlier today to get – quote “all up in his business” – and here’s what we came up with.

What boat will you be on – name and type?

L’Outrage, Beneteau FC 10

What gear are you bringing – why?

Henri Lloyd Smock, Ronstan Gloves, Rocky Gore-Tex Socks, Prowik Shirts. It is usually pretty comfortable in Key West, and not too much gear is needed. Plus, I am in the back of the boat and generally stay a bit drier.

Are you flying down on an airplane? If so, which airline and why?

Yes, flying down. AirTran because the flights are the most reasonably priced.

Who’s driving you to the airport?

Family member.

Are you traveling with other crew?

Two other crew are on the same flight; plus, at least 8 other people I know are on the same flight.

Who took the boat down? Was it on a trailer?

It was on a trailer. A friend of the boat owner towed it down for us.

 How are you going to get to the boat?

We take a car from the house to the boat every morning as the boat is several miles away on Stock Island.

Do you want to win?

Yes, I have a great desire to win. However, this is a very competitive regatta, and everyone will be well prepared. You have to sail well for five days to win. Plus, given that it is a five day regatta, you will see lots of different weather patterns and need to sail well in all conditions. We’ll measure where we stand on Friday evening.

Do you already have the taste of victory in your mouth? -Feel free to skip that if you don’t want to jinx yourself.

Anything else you want our readers to know?
There is really no better place I can think of being in the third week of January than Key West Race Week. The competition is great, the weather is phenomenal, and it is nice to go sailing with friends and get out of the cold for a week.

Warren, thanks for sharing with us. We wish you a great week of sailing, and not to worry – there will be no desktop pranks played on you while you’re away…

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