Race for the Chops — Update

Race for the Chops Update

Continuing our wildly popular series, The Race for the Chops, there’s been quite the shakeup in the standings thanks to a restart of the race.

To quickly recap: Seven of APS’ staff are taking part in the Virtual VOR (www.volvooceanracegame.org), with the person that finishes last in Singapore having to grow mutton chops for a month. At 0500EST yesterday, the race was restarted with everyone getting brought back to a point just SE of Sri Lanka due to a problem with the rules of the game.

Nobody was happier about the restart than Ian, our Storefront Asst., who was ridiculously deep after not adjusting the course of his boat for an entire weekend. Ian has taken full advantage of the second chance, sitting in fourth right now, two spots off the facial hair podium.

And while it’s still anyone’s race with a long distance to go, Stern Scoop editor James is pretty firmly in first right now, having made a determined play to the north. Barring a major collapse, it would seem that James is pretty safe at this point.

The same cannot be said for my entry, having made an early move to the south that might have actually panned out had I not been a total wuss, opting at about 11pm last night to consolidate back to my competition. While it has put me back into the pack with three other boats, I’m ashamed that I didn’t have the fortitute to stick with my plan and go for the gold. To be honest though, I’m pretty mortified at the possibility of paying homage to the most popular look of the 1870’s…

Luckily for me though, Warren in Customer Service has dug a bit of a hole off to the west, although he’s cruising along in some great breeze and should get back into this thing pretty quickly. That being said, he currently has the Mutton Chop Trophy sitting at his desk as a constant reminder of what he “faces” (get it) should he stay in his current place.

Anyways, with about 1,200+ miles left, here are the standings:
1st Place – Scoop Editor, James (DTF: 1,264nm)
2nd Place – Aaron from Customer Service (DTF: 1,270nm)
3rd Place – Scoop Editor, Chris (DTF: 1,273nm)
4th Place – Ian from the Storefront (DTF: 1,273nm)
5th Place – Jarrett, our Running Rigger (DTF: 1,274nm)
6th Place – Mike from Fullfilment (DTF: 1,287nm)
7th Place – Warren from Customer Service (DTF: 1,339nm)

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