Remember that time?

Remember that time when the weather wasn’t particularly fantastic for sailing? Remember that time when things just didn’t seem to go your way at all the marks? Remember that time when you narrowly missed taking out two boats and as a result spun two circles?

This past weekend I took the northbound Annapolis sailor bus (aka, the Thurs/Fri evening Southwest flight to Newport)in order to sail the NYYC 155th Annual Regatta aboard the RP 55 Rima2. After a weekend of trying conditions, drizzly weather, and some tough breaks on the course we found ourselves deep in fleet of some tough competition. But last night, southbound and surrounded by a flight full of familiar sun burnt faces each on their way back to the real world, I forgot about all of that.

Remember that time when you got to race on a really neat boat against some of the best big boat sailors in the world? Remember that time you spent a weekend on and off the water surrounded by the people you had the honor and pleasure to sail that boat with and against? Remember how at one point in time those people were complete strangers and now thanks to the sport of sailing they’re some of your favorite people in your life?

Remember that time.

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