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Housecleaning Day

With James on his way to the Thistle Midwinters, I’m on my own with the blog for the next week. Many of you probably stopped reading right there, making a mental note to check back on March 9th. For those of you that have made it to this second paragraph — thanks, I appreciate it. And now to let you down — since we’re down to one writer today, I’m predictibly swamped (shooting and editing a couple of videos for […]

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Hard at Work?

Some of you might think that working here at APS is all fun and games. I mean, we sell people sailing gear from 9-5 and then we spend the rest of our time sailing and drinking right? Well, I’m not going to say that’s entirely incorrect, but at least our marketing director and part time Stern Scoop editor Rob is here working hard. Each spring we put out a new catalog that is the culmination of hundreds of hours of […]

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Save a Tree, Use Plastic???

APS is a constant bustle of UPS, FedEx and US Postal Service trucks making deliveries and pickups. When you’re a mail order company and have as much product going back and forth as we do, it’s kind of a given that a package is going to get lost or destroyed. (The skill with which the latter can be accomplished is fairly impressive — we once shipped a Laser Upper Mast section encased in a PVC tube and packing materials, and […]

APS Staff Profile: Ian Coleman

APS Staff Profile: Ian Coleman

Today on the Stern Scoop we are happy to bring you an interview with our very own Ian Coleman. He works in the storefront of our shop so I bet some of you might have met him before. Ian is an all around great guy – he’s an avid sailor and world class bathroom cleaner-upper plus he just loves to bake chocolate cake when someone here at the shop has a birthday. Really though, I don’t know what I’d do […]

New Sale Rack Setup

New Sale Rack Setup

As the Website Director here at APS, my job encompasses more than just writing smarmy blog posts about new gear and products, ruining APS’ relationships with our vendors. I also take a look at our site from all angles, working to make it more user friendly in the hopes that you’ll find it to be the best resource in our industry. One of the tweaks that I made yesterday was to redesign our Sale Rack. If you’ve never visited our […]

Got Harken?

The APS Harken Sale starts today and we felt it our duty to let everybody know. It’s the perfect time to replace that “sort of works” mainsheet setup or the “it always makes that noise” cabin top winch that just doesn’t quite pull it’s weight anymore. And lets be honest – we don’t have sales very often so you might as well get it cheap while you can. I’m told there is also some free stuff involved depending how much […]

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APS at Key West Race Week IV

Yesterday we mentioned that Key West has apparently not been living up to it’s reputation as a tropical retreat. APS staff member Lynn has reported that the past few days have seen sailors bundling up with gear that more closely resembles frostbite attire than Carribean cruising gear. With highs not even breaking 50 degrees they might as well be here in Annapolis (no palm trees or Mount Gay sponsored parties here though so I don’t think they have it so […]

Finale: The Race for the Chops

Finale: The Race for the Chops

With a heavy heart (and muffled laughter at the result) we bring you the finale in the “Race for the Chops”. Going into Leg #3, we knew that there was a reality about finishing… we had to cross the line before Christmas, since almost all of us were travelling for the holidays. So with December 25th looming, everyone was racing two enemies — the Chops and the clock. Stern Scoop Editor James finished in a convincing first place, crossing the […]