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Wake Skating

When I was researching the Teva Gnar shoe to write the review I put up earlier I came across some promotional material from Teva including some videos they filmed. There were a couple different ones highlighting different portions of the shoe and they were fairly well done, but the guy kept saying that one of the things the shoe was good for was wake skating. I didn’t think much about it at first since I figured he was either making […]

Madeness of March featured image

The Madness of March

It’s that time of year again, time for office employees everywhere to spend their entire lunch hour arguing about how their team has the best chance to make it all the way to the big dance. Here at APS, we’re not immune to the mystical allure of filling out a bunch of lines on a bracket with haphazard guesses based on little to no actual data. A number of the guys here at the shop have joined a group of […]

Smile…you’re in the APS catalog!

Smile…you’re in the APS catalog!

We often get questions about the photos we use both on our site and in our catalog. Every year after the new catalogs drop I find myself fielding a fair amount of phone calls and emails from people wanting to know where they came from, who took them, and how they can get a copy. Occasionally, I even get a not so happy person threatening legal action for use of their “likelihood” or some such. It seems not everyone realizes […]

New Website featured image

New Website!!! New Website!!!

IT’S DONE!!! As we’ve hinted at a few times, APS’ website has gotten a serious paint job. Actually it goes a little deeper than that — we dropped in a new carbon rig, got brand new sails, extended the keel, went hi-tech with the lines and tossed all the extra weight overboard. Sure, it hurt our PHRF rating, but it was worth it… For well over six months, James and I have been working on a new website for APS. […]

The Sailing is Strong with this One

The Sailing is Strong with this One

Every spring in Annapolis, there is a regatta named Star Wars that’s basically a champion of champions sort of event for all the previous years CBYRA high point winners. This year it’s being held in J/80s and takes place in a couple weeks. My esteemed co-blogger Chris sailed this past year with Art, the high point winner for the Beneteau 36.7 class. Chris asked me to sail the event with them and Dave, another crew of theirs. None of us […]


New Catalog?

While I write this our very own catalog creation expert Rob is uploading the final copy of our 2009 catalog to the printer. In just a few short weeks (I’m told sometime in mid April) they will be arriving at your doorsteps. Pictured above is our main cover – a shot of Terry Hutchinson and crew during Melges 24 NA’s here in Annapolis last fall. Loyal Stern Scoop readers out there might notice the similarity with our header picture here […]

Box covered in packing tape

Would You Like Some Cardboard With Your Tape?

We’re all about reusing boxes here at APS. If you’ve ordered from us in the past, chances are that you might have gotten a recycled box from us — this holds especially true on larger orders because we can reuse the boxes from our vendors. However, there is a point at which “keeping it green” goes wrong. For instance, if a factory has to rachet up production to respond the nationwide tape shortage you create by shoring a box up, […]

Chesapeake Racer Profile: David Flynn

Chesapeake Racer Profile: David Flynn

Spinsheet is a sailing magazine based out of Annapolis (about three blocks away from APS, actually) that covers racing and cruising on the Chesapeake and across parts of the Mid-Atlantic. Each month, APS sponsors the “Chesapeake Racer Profile” in Spinsheet — this profile focuses on a local sailor who actively races or promotes the sport of sailboat racing in the area. Past profiles have featured locals like unknown sailor Terry Hutchinson, world-class Race Officer Sandy Grosvenor and local junior sailors […]