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Autopilot On

Autopilot On

On the off chance that I take some time off, Rob is there to ensure that the website is still covered. For instance, as I was walking through one of the 7,129 terminals at JFK International a few months ago (I’m from Rhode Island — naturally, everything looks absurdly large to me), Rob sent this picture to my BlackBerry to assure me that even a dummy could do my job. The mannequin actually made less mistakes… I had to fight […]

Interview: Skip Dieball

Interview: Skip Dieball

I managed to get Skip Dieball of Quantum Sails One Design out of Toledo, OH to sit down for an interview after Thistle Midwinters East to talk about how his regatta went. He’s an all around great guy and sails regularly in the Thistle, Lightning, and tons of other classes. Stern Scoop (SS): Congrats on the third place – were you happy with your regatta overall? Skip Dieball (SD): Thanks. When you come into a regatta like MWE, you want […]

Well, There’s Your Problem Right There…

Well, There’s Your Problem Right There…

Ever wonder what it looks like when a spool breaks? They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words… well, I’m pretty sure that Ian only said one word, and decorum doesn’t allow us to repeat it here.

Thistle MWE featured image

Thistle MWE Wrapup

I’m back at work today after my week off in Florida – it’s nice to be back but it was tough to leave the warm sunny weather. I had a great time at Thistle Midwinters East and definitely hope to do the regatta again in the future. We ended up 15th overall – we’d like to have gotten into the top 10 and felt like we had the boat speed to be there but didn’t make enough of the right […]

Bacardi cup featured images

Ian Checks In From Bacardi Cup

Just as James gets back from the Thistle Midwinters (a report from him coming up later), Ian headed south with skipper Ben Fransen for the Bacardi Cup. This 82nd edition of the Bacardi Cup has brought 62 Star’s down to sunny Miami. Incidentally, I discovered that the easiest job in the United States right now must be “Weatherman in Miami”, given the forecast this week. Anyway, known far and wide for his unique literary style, Ian checked in last night […]

Thistle MWE feature image

Thistle MWE

I guess Chris has been really stressing out with me down here in sunny Florida for the week – I hope none of you will hold it against him if he’s cracking under the pressure of trying to run this blog without me. It’s hard work and I don’t envy him for doing it all himself. But back to Florida… We just finished day 3 of racing here at Thistle Midwinters East in St. Petersburg. It’s been a difficult regatta […]

Wheres Waldo featured image

Where’s Waldo?

You may or may not have noticed that our posts aren’t as good this week. Well, our fearless storefront leader, chief blogger and official statistician, James “Waldo” McKenna, has been out sailing Thistle Midwinters with our good customer Joe “James’ only friend” McCorkell. James, come home soon. The Stern Scoop’s ratings are plummeting and Chris misses you desperately! To check in on James, Joe, and Mattie click here: Waldo and crew are in boat 3994

E-Scows and Vipers and Tigers featured image

E-Scows and Vipers and Tigers, Oh My

Last week I mentioned that our 2009 catalog is in full-on production — in fact, we’ve almost finished wrapping things up. Since you’ve taken the time out of your day to read our blog, we’re guessing that you’ve probably seen it before. It’s that 152 page digest of gear, parts and cordage with our bright orange logo on the front; it’s probably on your boat or in that stack of magazines in the head. Well, the middle of the catalog […]