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New Sale Rack Setup

New Sale Rack Setup

As the Website Director here at APS, my job encompasses more than just writing smarmy blog posts about new gear and products, ruining APS’ relationships with our vendors. I also take a look at our site from all angles, working to make it more user friendly in the hopes that you’ll find it to be the best resource in our industry. One of the tweaks that I made yesterday was to redesign our Sale Rack. If you’ve never visited our […]

Got Harken?

The APS Harken Sale starts today and we felt it our duty to let everybody know. It’s the perfect time to replace that “sort of works” mainsheet setup or the “it always makes that noise” cabin top winch that just doesn’t quite pull it’s weight anymore. And lets be honest – we don’t have sales very often so you might as well get it cheap while you can. I’m told there is also some free stuff involved depending how much […]

APS at Key West Race Week featured image

APS at Key West — Wrap-up

Warren did a great job sending updates in from Key West while he was down there. However, due to the miracle of e-mail junk filters, we didn’t find his last report until yesterday. Brilliant technology you’ve got there, Microsoft — start filtering something that you’ve let through about 93 times before, while giving the ol’ “Ole!” to various offers for pharmaceuticals and invitations to exotic MySpace pages. Anyways, here’s Warren’s final accounting of the regatta’s events:Following Day #3 and a […]

The London Boat Show: Unintentional Comedy Gold

With Rob working on our 2009 Catalog full-time, his role at the Stern Scoop has been scaled back a bit. In addition to pimping us out in certain places on the Internet, James and I rely on him to feed us any cool products or information that comes across his desk as the APS Marketing Director. This morning, before our weekly planning meeting, he tossed us some pictures from Gill’s booth at the 2009 London Boat Show. The first pictures […]

APS at Key West Race Week featured image

APS at Key West Race Week IV

Yesterday we mentioned that Key West has apparently not been living up to it’s reputation as a tropical retreat. APS staff member Lynn has reported that the past few days have seen sailors bundling up with gear that more closely resembles frostbite attire than Carribean cruising gear. With highs not even breaking 50 degrees they might as well be here in Annapolis (no palm trees or Mount Gay sponsored parties here though so I don’t think they have it so […]

APS at Key West Race Week featured image

APS at Key West Race Week III

We went all day yesterday without a report from Warren in Key West and the Stern Scoop team was starting to get worried he might have spent a little too long in the bar the night before. Warren came through in the clutch though with a recap of days two and three. I guess he didn’t fall asleep in the bar after all. Here’s Warrens report: Tuesday started out breezier than Monday. We sailed better as a team with tighter […]

APS at Key West Race Week featured image

APS at Key West Race Week II

Warren checks back in with a recap of Day #1. It was a good day for Warren and the kids on L’Outrage, taking a pair of second place finishes. Unfortunately, they were outdone by Tangent, a Cape Fear 38 also out of Annapolis, who took a pair of bullets in the wild weather of Monday.L’Outrage hopes to change their day around on Sperry Top-Sider Day — who wouldn’t want a free pair of shoes? Tomorrow is Mt. Gay Rum Day, […]

APS at Key West Race Week featured image

APS at Key West Race Week

I wish that I was writing this from the warmer climates that are afforded by the southernmost point in the Continental United States, but alas, I’m stuck here in the stupid cold of Annapolis fighting off the bubonic plauge. Well, it might also be rickets, dysentery, or leprosy… WebMD was a little vauge, and I’m a bit of a drama queen. Luckily, there isn’t much that I’ll need to do for our Key West thread; a lot of the writing […]