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Finale: The Race for the Chops

Finale: The Race for the Chops

With a heavy heart (and muffled laughter at the result) we bring you the finale in the “Race for the Chops”. Going into Leg #3, we knew that there was a reality about finishing… we had to cross the line before Christmas, since almost all of us were travelling for the holidays. So with December 25th looming, everyone was racing two enemies — the Chops and the clock. Stern Scoop Editor James finished in a convincing first place, crossing the […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Best wishes from The Stern Scoop for the a Safe and Happy 2009! They cancelled the fireworks in Annapolis due to high winds, so here’s Sydney. It’s way cooler than ours would have been anyways…

Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

You may have caught Mike Carter’s guest commentary about his “Why I Sail Moment” a couple of weeks ago. Well, this inspired our elder statesman of Customer Service, Steve Mazur, to put together a similar post. What it lacks in word count, it certainly makes up for in accuracy; heck, it’s almost prophetic. Okay, it’s not quite Confucius, but it does have a calming effect that brings a peace of sorts and helps you find your center — or I’m […]

Local Interclub Frostbite Report feature image

Local Interclub Frostbite Report

Of all the types of winter sailing to get involved in, the IC (interclub) also referred to as a sailing bathtub by some, has most likely become the best way to challenge your dinghy boat handling and knowledge of those close contact rules in Annapolis. The local fleet here team races the boats every other Saturday from late November into March. Every winter, the fleet takes their boats out for a three hour spin in the Severn River, not far […]

Update: Race for the Chops

Update: Race for the Chops

For the life of me, I’ll never understand why a segment about facial hair is so popular, but it is — and since I’m a man who’s too weak not to give the people what they want, here we go. DATELINE: Annapolis, MD The Race for the Chops is getting exciting as this race is really starting clear up. James is clear ahead right now, having opened up a 67nm lead over the 2nd place boat — me. There was […]


Update: The Race for the Chops

Okay, okay… enough with the e-mails. I’ll post another instalment in the critically acclaimed series, The Race for the Chops. Again, it’s been an exciting 48 hours in the RFTC. As we rapidly approach the turning mark at Palau We (that island off the northern coast of Indonesia — just take Rt. 25 North until it stops, for you Indonesian locals…) and prepare to turn down the Malacca Straits, the picture is getting a little clearer. For about 24 hours, […]

Race for the Chops Update

Race for the Chops — Update

Continuing our wildly popular series, The Race for the Chops, there’s been quite the shakeup in the standings thanks to a restart of the race. To quickly recap: Seven of APS’ staff are taking part in the Virtual VOR (www.volvooceanracegame.org), with the person that finishes last in Singapore having to grow mutton chops for a month. At 0500EST yesterday, the race was restarted with everyone getting brought back to a point just SE of Sri Lanka due to a problem […]

Our Running Rigger, Jarrett

Our Running Rigger

Hello, my name is Jarrett, and I am a run-aholic. This was never more true than Saturday November 22, 2008 when I successfully completed the JFK-50 mile ultra-marathon in 10 hours, 39 minutes and 10 seconds. Other than being an avid sailor and racer in the Annapolis area, I am striving to feed my obsession for endurance running. The JFK-50 miler was by far the most excruciating physical activity I have done. I’ve been addicted to the outdoors ever since […]