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APS Regatta Sponsorship Program & Durable Race Marks feature iamge

APS Regatta Sponsorship Program & Durable Race Marks

APS has ramped up our Regatta Sponsorship Program!  We take pride in our Sponsorship Program, that allows us support events from small, 25 boat fleets to national/worlds of 60 or more.  Across the US, from charity fun regattas to Nationals, APS has you covered. Here’s how the program works: each level of sponsorship provides 5 gift certificates, banner(s), catalogs and stickers in the amounts proportional to the size of the event.  Applying is easy!  Simply email Sponsorship@apsltd.com with the following […]

The End: Key West Race Week Wrap Up feature image

The End: Key West Race Week Wrap Up

Another year, another Key West! Full of smiles and tans, Matt F., Warren R., and Lynn B. returned to APS, recalling their 2012 Key West Race Week.  Stories of sunshine, warm temperatures and great racing filling up our Monday morning. The Conch Republic treated them well, with Matt F. placing 3rd on the Farr 30 Mummbles, Warren R. on the Beneteau 10M, L’Outrage, winning PHRF 2.  Photos of their boats are provided by Photoboat.  Lynn B. was also there, catching […]

Key West Race Week Update – Farr 30 Mummbles Makes Moves feature image

Key West Race Week Update – Farr 30 Mummbles Makes Moves

APS Customer Service Staffer Matt F. said he’d keep us in the loop while he’s racing in Key West for the week. Check out his regatta report: (Note – if you’re not a fan of the drawing below, check out the APS homepage photo. It’s a little more realistic Key West picture…) Day 1 report: Great breeze, great racing. We had a 20kt breeze all day and 2 competitive races. Our team’s experience with one another caused a few mistakes […]

Kicking off Key West Race Week 2012 feature image

Kicking off Key West Race Week 2012

  Customer Service Rep Matt F. continues to blog down in the Conch Republic.  He sent us this on Saturday: After all the work we’ve done to get the boat down here and set up (admittedly only three days), I’m just looking forward to getting out on the water and sailing.  Here’s my day-by-day, by day report. Thursday was spent setting up the boat and catching up on sleep after the road trip down. Friday, we splashed and motored our […]

Quantum Key West Race Week 2012 feature image

Quantum Key West Race Week 2012

Customer Service Rep Matt F. is down there already warming up on Farr 30 Mummbles, Purchasing Manager Lynn B. headed out of town two days ago to be support for an Ohio boat, and Customer Service Rep. Warren R. is the only one left at the shop who’s planning to head South for the 25th Anniversary regatta. I sent an email to him earlier today to get – quote “all up in his business” – and here’s what we came […]

Farr 30 Averages 47 Knots for 23 Hours Straight!!

We’re happy to report that our Customer Service Guru Matt F, fellow members of team Mummbles and their Farr 30 have all made it safely and obeying speed limits to Key West! Completing the 1,248 mile trip in 24 hours!   Here’s his recap: Thursday. 4 pm : Phew! Well the longest day (or two if you’re being technical) of the regatta are basically over. We left Annapolis at 10:30 am on Wednesday and drove non stop til we hit Key West […]

New World Record for the Fastest Sailing Circumnavigation

Every Monday morning, the APS staff gets together in the storefront at 8:30 AM to do what we call “Product Review.” This is how we ensure everyone at the company – from the accounting dept. to the shipping center – knows what products are good for what kind of sailing/boats and why. James McKenna, the APS Product Manager, sits on the front counter and has everyone gather ‘round as if he’s about to tell a story. Normally, the narration only […]

Ian Coleman, APS Rigging, and Perth feature image

Ian Coleman, APS Rigging, and Perth

Two weeks ago, Ian Coleman was in his home town – crashing at his parents’ house, visiting old friends, and sailing. If you were out after dark, you might have seen him toasting to good times at Davis’ or Rockfish. Pretty standard stuff for an Annapolitan. What sets Ian apart from his peers is the fact he’s devoted the last two years of his life to qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics. His program is currently ranked 4th in the […]