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When I was researching the Teva Gnar shoe to write the review I put up earlier I came across some promotional material from Teva including some videos they filmed. There were a couple different ones highlighting different portions of the shoe and they were fairly well done, but the guy kept saying that one of the things the shoe was good for was wake skating. I didn’t think much about it at first since I figured he was either making […]

The Sailing is Strong with this One

The Sailing is Strong with this One

Every spring in Annapolis, there is a regatta named Star Wars that’s basically a champion of champions sort of event for all the previous years CBYRA high point winners. This year it’s being held in J/80s and takes place in a couple weeks. My esteemed co-blogger Chris sailed this past year with Art, the high point winner for the Beneteau 36.7 class. Chris asked me to sail the event with them and Dave, another crew of theirs. None of us […]

Chesapeake Racer Profile: David Flynn

Chesapeake Racer Profile: David Flynn

Spinsheet is a sailing magazine based out of Annapolis (about three blocks away from APS, actually) that covers racing and cruising on the Chesapeake and across parts of the Mid-Atlantic. Each month, APS sponsors the “Chesapeake Racer Profile” in Spinsheet — this profile focuses on a local sailor who actively races or promotes the sport of sailboat racing in the area. Past profiles have featured locals like unknown sailor Terry Hutchinson, world-class Race Officer Sandy Grosvenor and local junior sailors […]

Interview: Skip Dieball

Interview: Skip Dieball

I managed to get Skip Dieball of Quantum Sails One Design out of Toledo, OH to sit down for an interview after Thistle Midwinters East to talk about how his regatta went. He’s an all around great guy and sails regularly in the Thistle, Lightning, and tons of other classes. Stern Scoop (SS): Congrats on the third place – were you happy with your regatta overall? Skip Dieball (SD): Thanks. When you come into a regatta like MWE, you want […]

Thistle MWE featured image

Thistle MWE Wrapup

I’m back at work today after my week off in Florida – it’s nice to be back but it was tough to leave the warm sunny weather. I had a great time at Thistle Midwinters East and definitely hope to do the regatta again in the future. We ended up 15th overall – we’d like to have gotten into the top 10 and felt like we had the boat speed to be there but didn’t make enough of the right […]

Bacardi cup featured images

Ian Checks In From Bacardi Cup

Just as James gets back from the Thistle Midwinters (a report from him coming up later), Ian headed south with skipper Ben Fransen for the Bacardi Cup. This 82nd edition of the Bacardi Cup has brought 62 Star’s down to sunny Miami. Incidentally, I discovered that the easiest job in the United States right now must be “Weatherman in Miami”, given the forecast this week. Anyway, known far and wide for his unique literary style, Ian checked in last night […]

Thistle MWE feature image

Thistle MWE

I guess Chris has been really stressing out with me down here in sunny Florida for the week – I hope none of you will hold it against him if he’s cracking under the pressure of trying to run this blog without me. It’s hard work and I don’t envy him for doing it all himself. But back to Florida… We just finished day 3 of racing here at Thistle Midwinters East in St. Petersburg. It’s been a difficult regatta […]

Musto and Puma Racing Together

Musto and Puma Racing Together?

Here are a couple photos that made their way to our desk earlier today. See if you can figure out what doesn’t belong. We agree with the boys on Puma that for the toughest ocean crossings, the Musto Ocean HPX Drysuit is the way to go. You’d be hard pressed to find gear that will hold up better to the rigors of the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans. For those who sail a little closer to home it’s great […]