The Sailing is Strong with this One

The Sailing is Strong with this One

Every spring in Annapolis, there is a regatta named Star Wars that’s basically a champion of champions sort of event for all the previous years CBYRA high point winners. This year it’s being held in J/80s and takes place in a couple weeks.

My esteemed co-blogger Chris sailed this past year with Art, the high point winner for the Beneteau 36.7 class. Chris asked me to sail the event with them and Dave, another crew of theirs. None of us had sailed on a J/80 before so we wanted to get some practice in beforehand. Warren here at the shop has done lots of J/80 sailing so we brought him out with us to give us some pointers on how to make it go fast.

So it didn’t exactly go fast – we practiced this past Saturday in about 5+ knots of wind. The J/80 actually moves a lot better than I expected in the light stuff, especially downwind, so it wasn’t all that bad. Of course, now that we’ve practiced in nothing, it’ll be super breezy on race day…but that’s how it goes.

Here’s another shot of our APS crew getting their game faces on.

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