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Laser Dolly Options and How to Assemble Them | Expert Advice

  Looking for a Laser dolly? Not sure which one is right for you and for that matter, how the heck do you assemble them? Well, have no fear, we’ve got two great options to choose from and we’ll get to the assembling part a little later. What are your dolly options? When it comes to One Design Dollies there are two main brands to choose from; the Seitech Laser Dolly and the Dynamic Laser Dolly.  Both are well constructed with lightweight […]

How to Convert Your Dolly Wheels from Standard to Large | Expert Advice

  A Dinghy Dolly is a great way to store and move your small sailboat, kayak, canoe, inflatable dinghy and more around on smooth, firm terrain, but in loose sand and mud, it can be a bit of a workout!  Upgrading your Dynamic Dollies or Seitech brand dolly to larger wheels can mean the difference between hassle free boat launching, and having to call in back up every time you go for a sail. There is a solution to this and […]

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Dollies, Racks, and Hoists for Small Boat Transport and Storage

      Enjoy using your dinghy sailboat, kayak, canoe, SUP, or inflatable dinghy on the water by making sure storing and moving them is easy and convenient.    Moving a boat on land to water – launching and recovering – is made easy with a hand dolly.  No heavy trailers or hooking up a car to deal with.  Hand towed boat dollies are light weight, and easy to maneuver by a single person across most any terrain.  Dollies are boat […]