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Hands On: Weather/Wind References, Part II

Wind Stretegy Book | Expert Review

For the second installment in my look at books to help your “pump up” your wind/weather game, I’m going to take on the only other book that I feel is in the leauge of North U’s “Weather for Sailors”. Other examples of pumping up: Reebok Pumps, a terrible Christian Slater movie & Hanz and Franz. “Wind Strategy” by David Houghton and Fiona Campbell was kind of a surprise for me. I can’t really explain why I expected less from the […]

Book Suggestions

Racing Rules of Sailing Book Suggestions | Expert Advice

See all these books here. It’s December and with that flip of the calendar many of you will be putting away your sailing gear to turn your attention to holiday parties, finding the right gift and not looking fat in that winter parka (we suggest vertical stripes). And while it would be easy to replace the time you normally spent on-the-water with football games, snow tires and your family (you know, trivial things…), I’d humbly submit that you should carve […]