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Choosing Sailing Hiking Pants |Expert Advice

The other day a friend of mine asked me about getting a pair of hikers for sailing his Thistle. We sell a number of different types of hikers and the price spread across the choices is fairly wide. “So which ones should I get?”, he wanted to know. It’s a pretty fair question I think. Hikers are something you don’t “have” to get but they sure make life a lot more comfortable on a lot of boats. There are a […]

My Favorite Cold Weather Gear: Gore-Tex Socks

My Favorite Cold Weather Gear: Gore-Tex Socks | Expert Advice

Newsflash: it’s getting cold out. While winter doesn’t technically start until December 21st, Mother Nature held a dandy of a dress rehearsal last weekend. The temperature never broke 50° on Sunday and the wind gusts topped out over 30 knots. Now, I went to a public school, so I’ve never been really good with numbers, but I think that put the feel-like temperature somewhere around -79°. Yeah, yeah… call these guys: Anyways, Sunday’s are a busy day on the water […]