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How to Replace a Tiller Extension Rubber Universal | Expert Advice

Sailing season is back in full swing, and it’s that time again to replace the old, worn out Tiller Universal. Too often I see a race or pleasure cruisers day ruined when a universal joint fails. Don’t let this happen to you: examine often and replace early! Watch the video and learn how to remove the old tiller universal, drill out the new one, and install the pin for a sleek and secure fit. Tools you will need: NEW Universal Replacement Hammer Punch or […]

SOAK Dogbone Shackle | Expert Review

8/2016 NOTE: This product is currently out of production.  check out our other dogbones here These shackle alternatives are super simple, lightweight and easy to use. In the video below I will show you our preferred method for using the SOAK Dogbone Shackle. There are certainly other ways to use this clever invention but the method shown below is how we intend our custom rigging that utilizes the dogbone (like our J70 tackline) to be installed. The best uses for a dogbone shackle […]

Comparing 75mm Harken Corbo Block Types | Expert Advice

Whether you’re a small boat sailor, or a big boat sailor you know the benefits of having blocks on loaded lines. Harken makes a wide range of blocks to fit all your needs. Three main Harken carbo blocks are the Standard Ball Bearing Block, the Ratchet Block, and the Ratchamatic Block. Why use a ratchet block? Ratchet blocks are great for when you need to control highly loaded sheets with ease. There are two types of Harken ratchet blocks, the standard Ratchet, and the Ratchamatic. […]

Choosing Accessories for your Harken 150 Cam Cleat | Expert Advice

 The Harken 150 is the gold standard in cam cleats and by far our #1 seller. It is great as a stand-alone and if combined with the available accessories can suit most low to moderately loaded line holding needs on your boat. The benefits to a cam cleat (two spring loaded ‘cams’ come together to hold the line) are numerous and the ability to adjust the line easily and release the line quickly make the Harken 150 great for things like jib sheets, travelers, mainsheet, backstays on […]

How to Lash a Harken T2 Ti-Lite Soft Attach Block | Expert Advice

Here, an APS Rigger shows you how to properly lash a soft attach Harken T2 block using an APS Dyneema Shackle Loop (DSL). Background: Harken’s T2 Soft Attach Blocks represent the first blocks with no fasteners, rivets, or other metal parts – making them incredibly light. These blocks paired with soft shackles will give you lightweight, high performance without compromising strength. Whether you call them soft shackles, softies, or loops – it’s clear that spliced Dyneema shackles are quickly becoming the norm […]

How Harken Track is Custom Bent to Order | Expert Advice

Etchells and certain catamaran sailors order Harken track from APS and need it bent to follow cabin house curves or boom radii. We had one such order recently, and asked track guru Bam to show us how it is done. Above, you see him working to manipulate a track on what we’ve dubbed, “The Track Bending Machine.” Note, track is slightly flexible, and you can make very minor bends when installing it. However, when it comes to bends that are […]

APS Dyneema Shackle Loops (DSLs) | Expert Review

Often called soft shackles, softies, or loops – Spliced Dyneema Shackles are quickly becoming the norm on high performance race boats. Their safe working load-to-weight ratio was a popular characteristic that landed these puppies on an America’s Cup boat holding the mainsheet to a padeye. Sailors like these loops because they are extremely light, they won’t scratch up the boat, and besides looking slick – they’re flexible and can be fastened just about anywhere. Soft shackles can replace traditional shackles […]

Battle of the Bullet Blocks

40mm Sailboat Block Comparison | Expert Advice

It has been way too long since APS did a proper comparison test of products. (We will get on that shortly, performance racers!) In the meantime, we give it up to Practical Sailor for getting into the nitty gritty of the top ball/roller bearing bullet blocks around. The Ball Bearing Block 40mm Single Tie On and 40mm Single Swivel by Seldén win the honor of Best Choice. It’s necessary to subscribe to Practical Sailor for the full run down. However, […]