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Carbon Tiller Extension Comparison | Expert Advice

Tech Tuesday is our feature here at the Stern Scoop where we plan to highlight some of the more technical aspects of some of our products. From line specs to how to properly rebuild a winch we hope to provide some fodder for the tinkerers and engineer types out there. Today we’re starting with some detailed specs on carbon tiller extensions. We offer seven different types with rubber universals (there are some larger big boat extensions made of carbon as […]

How to Rebuild a Spinlock XTS Clutch | Expert Advice

I’m sure that you look around this blog and figure that there’s a lot of planning that goes into our choices for reviews, videos, etc. For the most part, that’s true — we do plan a couple of weeks out and are constantly building a list of ideas. But if you picked up on the foreshadowing I laid down, you’ll know that this post isn’t one of those times. I went down and asked Ian if he wanted to do […]

How To Rebuild a Harken 150 Cam Cleat | Expert Advice

A common project, especially at the beginning of a sailing season, is servicing cam cleats that might be flapping around due to a broken spring or grinding/catching due to a bad ball bearing. Today we turn our Bob Villa of the Storefront, Ian Coleman, loose to tear down and re-build a Harken Cam Cleat (Harken Part #: 150). The information in this video and post applies only to the Harken 150 Cam Cleat — luckily, the 150 is the most […]

First Look: Ronstan Series 30 Orbit Blocks

Ronstan Series 30 Orbit Blocks | Expert Review

Update: The Series 30 Ronstan Orbit Blocks are now available on our website. Ronstan has “officially” released the Series 30 Orbit Blocks today; they’ve been advertised a little already and they were on the Ronstan website last week (maybe longer). Anyway, we’re working on getting them up on the site. Just like a Wendy’s menu, you have the traditional singles, doubles and triples in the Series 30 line. Incidentally, how does someone order a biggie-sized triple hamburger meal and have […]

LP XD Laser tiller, red and black at an angle

Laser Performance XD Tiller and Tiller Extension | Expert Review

We’ve been sending out our first shipments of the new Laser Performance XD Carbon Laser Tiller and the XD Carbon Tiller Extension over the past week, making it the perfect time for a review. (Note: For those of you not familiar with the relatively new “XD” tag being used with Lasers, it refers to Laser Performance’s most tricked out racing package. LP is now selling Standard, Race and XD models of the Laser — all three have the same hull, […]