Soft Shackles & Loops

APS Dyneema Shackle Loops (DSLs) | Expert Review

Often called soft shackles, softies, or loops – Spliced Dyneema Shackles are quickly becoming the norm on high performance race boats. Their safe working load-to-weight ratio was a popular characteristic that landed these puppies on an America’s Cup boat holding the mainsheet to a padeye. Sailors like these loops because they are extremely light, they won’t scratch up the boat, and besides looking slick – they’re flexible and can be fastened just about anywhere. Soft shackles can replace traditional shackles […]

Equiplite NSM Connector

Equiplite NSM Soft Shackles | Expert Advice

I expect a lot of people are familiar with Equiplite’s soft shackles. For a while now they’ve been making a number of different lightweight, super strong shackles and blocks. The most commonly used ones in my experience are their J-lock style non-swiveling connectors. They function just like a J-lock but they don’t bang up the rigging and they weight much less. Now Equiplite has come out with a line of non-swiveling connectors with an eye at the racer/cruiser market for […]