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How to Replace a Tiller Extension Rubber Universal | Expert Advice

Sailing season is back in full swing, and it’s that time again to replace the old, worn out Tiller Universal. Too often I see a race or pleasure cruisers day ruined when a universal joint fails. Don’t let this happen to you: examine often and replace early! Watch the video and learn how to remove the old tiller universal, drill out the new one, and install the pin for a sleek and secure fit. Tools you will need: NEW Universal Replacement Hammer Punch or […]

Carbon Tiller Extension Comparison | Expert Advice

Tech Tuesday is our feature here at the Stern Scoop where we plan to highlight some of the more technical aspects of some of our products. From line specs to how to properly rebuild a winch we hope to provide some fodder for the tinkerers and engineer types out there. Today we’re starting with some detailed specs on carbon tiller extensions. We offer seven different types with rubber universals (there are some larger big boat extensions made of carbon as […]

LP XD Laser tiller, red and black at an angle

Laser Performance XD Tiller and Tiller Extension | Expert Review

We’ve been sending out our first shipments of the new Laser Performance XD Carbon Laser Tiller and the XD Carbon Tiller Extension over the past week, making it the perfect time for a review. (Note: For those of you not familiar with the relatively new “XD” tag being used with Lasers, it refers to Laser Performance’s most tricked out racing package. LP is now selling Standard, Race and XD models of the Laser — all three have the same hull, […]