Experience Dyneema by FSE Robline

FSE Robline Dyneema Lines | Expert Advice

The 2011 Dyneema Experience Team is underway testing the strength and function of Dyneema and sharing the Experience with the world. APS has been happy to get involved with the project. Here, we highlight Skipper Pete Hunter who has paired with FSE Robline to rework the running rigging on his Thompson 30 Wairere. This is how you experience Dyneema: These backstays have been made from 12-strand single braid Ocean 3000 by FSE Robline, which is entirely Dyneema SK-75, abrasion and […]

Laser Sailboat Line Updrade Options | Expert Advice

Its no wonder the Laser is one of the largest adult one design classes in the world (Optis are actually the largest. I swear, those things multiply like bunnies). They’re lightweight, easy to handle and can be a great fit for every sailor ranging from a “which side is the bow” kinda novice to a “I only speak the language of sailing-pro bro” kinda expert. One of the main reasons this dinghy has become so popular is its straightforward set up […]

Maffioli NewSwift Line | Expert Review

NOTE:  This line is no longer available.  Check out these new similar lines Continuing our features about some of the lines we carry here at APS today we’re going to discuss Maffioli’s line NewSwift. Now NewSwift isn’t so new anymore – it’s been around for a little while. We’re doing some new things with it here at the shop that are pretty cool and I think it’s a line worth turning the spotlight on. NewSwift is available in four sizes […]