Laser Dolly Options and How to Assemble Them | Expert Advice

  Looking for a Laser dolly? Not sure which one is right for you and for that matter, how the heck do you assemble them? Well, have no fear, we’ve got two great options to choose from and we’ll get to the assembling part a little later. What are your dolly options? When it comes to One Design Dollies there are two main brands to choose from; the Seitech Laser Dolly and the Dynamic Laser Dolly.  Both are well constructed with lightweight […]

How to Make a Handle for Sailboat Control Lines | Expert Advice

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold. They called the Ghostbusters and they’re in control. Bobby Brown sure knew about lyrics, and handling business but I’m guessing he didn’t know much about making a control line handle for performance sailboats. Thankfully, I know a bit more about that subject, well, the control line subject that is.. Making a braided control line handle is easier than you may think and super useful for any control line that you want to grip quickly and […]

How to Install Laser Deck Hardware | Expert Advice

Learning how to install Laser deck hardware is a breeze. Just grab you Marine Silicone, your deck hardware of choice like the ones found in this Laser Cunningham/Outhaul Power Pack Kit and you’ll be back on the water sailing in no time. When you get a brand new baby Laser dinghy, you will find that the Cam Cleat and Plate deck hardware has not yet been installed. These parts are included with your rigging package along with the screws needed for installation. If you’re upgrading […]

How to Apply Laser Sail Numbers | Expert Advice

Laser Sail Number Placement: The Do’s and Don’ts and what you need to know. You may or may not know this but when it comes to laser sail numbering there are a handful of specific rules you need to follow for your Laser Sail to be considered class legal. In order for your sail to be class legal for any international event the sail number will need to be the right colors, in the right color order, the right size, […]

Harken Laser Boom Blocks to be Sold Individually

Harken Laser Boom Blocks to be Sold Individually | Expert Advice

We just received word today from Laser Performance that their Harken Laser Boom Block Kit will finally be available individually in addition to the same all-in-one kit from before. Yay! This means those of you who have been holding off on upgrading you Laser Boom Blocks because you didn’t want to spring for the cost of the full kit, or didn’t have the time to drill out the rivets can now buy these blocks à la carte. To me, the big […]

GRP Laser Daggerboards and Rudders are In Stock

GRP Laser Daggerboards and Rudders are In Stock! No Joke.

You hear it here first: The long awaited GRP Laser Daggerboards and Rudders are here! In Stock! No Seriously, for real. In August 2010, APS did a write-up, New Laser Blades First Look, on the new Laser Daggerboard and Rudder Blades — and sadly, that enthusiastic post turned out to be just a teaser, tantalizing Laser sailors everywhere who were in want of upgrading their beat daggerboards…you guys know who you are, and we know you recognize something cool when you see it! We are […]

New Laser Blades First Look: Slicker Than a Pig Dipped in Teflon feature image

Laser GRB Rudder and Daggerboard Blades | Expert Review

I’m sure many of the Laser sailors out there have heard about the new Laser blades being made. A while back the Laser class had approved these new glass blades and I know I’ve heard rumors of people in the US getting blades from Australia. Well the wait is finally over, we will now have proper GRP Laser Daggerboard Blades and GRP Laser Rudder Blades available to everyone in the US. I have to say I was really impressed with […]

Rigged APS Laser Practice Sail

APS Laser Practice Sail | Expert Advice

11/2016 Note: APS practice sails are temporarily unavailable. In addition to all the fun tweaky bits you can found in our Laser Upgrade Kits , we now offering a Laser Practice Sail for Radials and Standard Lasers. These new sails are made from 3.8 oz cloth with more resin than the class legal sails. The result is a sail that will hold it’s shape better and last even longer than your race sails. Using a laser practice sail is a great way to […]