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Gear Review – Zhik Isotak Foul Weather Gear feature image

Zhik Isotak Foul Weather Gear | Expert Review

Breaking out of their dinghy-exclusive past, Zhik welcomes the future with Isotak, a new range of high tech buoy racing gear that can be converted to have what it takes while sailing offshore. While we’re really into the idea of versatile gear, this gear still has to make some compromises in features for round-the-buoys versus offshore. It comes in a jacket, smock, dry smock, and salopettes. The jacket comes with a like-colored hood, but both the jacket and smock have […]

Product Review: CorrosionX and RejeX feature image

CorrosionX and RejeX for Sailboats | Expert Review

It’s about time to break out the boat from winter storage and start getting it ready for spring. We’ve got boat maintenance on the mind and found some interesting new products from Corrosion Technology. Originally designed for the military, these are hard-wearing, proven products. RejeX is a high gloss finish that also protects. Designed to work on any hard, non-porous surface, it’s a long-lasting substitute for wax. Also, you can say good bye to rust and corrosion with CorrosionX. With […]

Magnetic North?

What is Magnetic North? | Expert Advice

Two weeks ago, a little birdie sent this article our way. It circulated around the upstairs office at APS, and we thought something about it just didn’t jive with our understanding of magnetic north and how it affects sailors. Luckily, my fiancé might be considered an expert when it comes to such things – and I clicked it over to him for an explanation. Here’s what Ocean Engineer, Sailor, and Guest Writer Karl McLetchie has to say in response to […]

GRP Laser Daggerboards and Rudders are In Stock

GRP Laser Daggerboards and Rudders are In Stock! No Joke.

You hear it here first: The long awaited GRP Laser Daggerboards and Rudders are here! In Stock! No Seriously, for real. In August 2010, APS did a write-up, New Laser Blades First Look, on the new Laser Daggerboard and Rudder Blades — and sadly, that enthusiastic post turned out to be just a teaser, tantalizing Laser sailors everywhere who were in want of upgrading their beat daggerboards…you guys know who you are, and we know you recognize something cool when you see it! We are […]

How a Farr 30 Main Halyard is Made | Expert Advice

The Farr 30 main Halyard is a complicated piece of hardware to make. Tapering a wire and prepping the line for a splice is a tedious and lengthy process. Jarrett Herring, rigging enthusiast here at APS, takes us through the steps and processes involved in the creation of this tricky wire-to-rope transition in the above short video. Yes, Farr 30 was called Mumm 30 in the past. The Pre-Made Wire-to-Rope Halyard kits are made in advance for traditional halyards on […]

Selden’s Reversible Winches

Selden Reversible Winches | Expert Advice

During the Annapolis Sailboat show we got to sit down with some of the fine folks at Selden and one thing we learned was that they too are entering the winch game. Although we didn”t get to see one in person we learned that the engineers at Selden have not only designed an entire winch range from the ground up but that they have also designed a manually operated winch with a reverse feature that offers a unique advantage for […]

Tylaska Locking Snap Shackle and Spring Loaded Clevis Pins feature image

Tylaska Locking Snap Shackle and Spring Loaded Clevis Pins | Expert Advice

Favorite vendors, friends and customers both old and new, the Annapolis Boat Show is the place we see them all. It”s also the time and place we get to see some new and unique products. This year I got to catch up with Tim and Dianne from Tylaska and, as usual, they didn”t disappoint me and they had something new and unique to show me. Check these out… On the left you”ll see what looks like a standard snap shackle. […]

Leather Deck Shoes

Leather Deck Shoes | Expert Advice

We’re almost done with our shoe videos!! This week’s addition to the our shoe video library, traditional leather deck shoes. Great for around town or on the boat, with non-marking soles, they can go just about anywhere. The main features you will find in all of our leather deck shoes are a casual look that emphasizes style while providing all day comfort, great durability, water-resistance and last but certainly not least, a non-marking sole. The non-marking sole is an integral […]