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How to Make a Handle for Sailboat Control Lines | Expert Advice

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold. They called the Ghostbusters and they’re in control. Bobby Brown sure knew about lyrics, and handling business but I’m guessing he didn’t know much about making a control line handle for performance sailboats. Thankfully, I know a bit more about that subject, well, the control line subject that is.. Making a braided control line handle is easier than you may think and super useful for any control line that you want to grip quickly and […]

How to Terminate Lines With a Rope Cutter | Expert Advice

One of the cleanest ways to cut Dyneema or polyester ropes is to use a Rope Cutter. Alternatives, as seen in my last video, work great if you’re on the dock or racing—but the hot knife is ideal for terminating sailboat lines at home. We always recommend using a permanent solution like an End Whip, but realize this isn’t always practical. A neat characteristic of polyester rope is that when it burns, the strands fuse together. This makes for a great end on a double […]

How to Terminate Line Ends with Shink Whip | Expert Advice

Sailboat control lines come in all different kinds – single braids, double brands, and blends of Vectran, Dyneema, and polyester. What you may have found out the hard way (in some cases) is that these lines don’t all behave the same way when hit with a Hot Knife or lighter and that sometimes it isn’t practical to make a permanent termination with an End Whip, although this is always our recommended method. We’ve broken it down for you into a few simple DIY ways to keep your line […]

How to use a Luggage Tag Eye Splice | Expert Advice

The luggage tag eye splice. Have no rigging idea what that means? Read on…  The luggage tag eye is a longer eye splice than the standard eye. It has a few advantages, the most important one is that we do not directly splice to the shackle or attachment point so we can splice the rigging here in Annapolis.Attach it to your boat wherever you may be without us having to ship a rigger to you (this gets expensive when you include the freight, beer, and […]

How to Whiplock Line Ends | Expert Advice

It’s a rainy afternoon here in Annapolis. A day you can’t get out on the water or work in the yard shouldn’t be wasted away.  Here are some great indoor projects to keep you going on days like these… Learn to do a Standard Whiplock: This video by the APS rigging department will show you how to accomplish your own whiplock end for your running rigging. What tools and supplies will you need? Some line Whipping Twine Needles

Continuous Splice – Code Zero Furler feature image

Continuous Line Splice Used for Code Zero Furler | Expert Advice

APS Continuous Splice + Karver Code Zero Furler + Samson MLX 1/4″= SeaCart 30 Furling Greatness! What’s cool about a continuous splice is the fact that it’s essential for the line diameter to be uniform throughout the splice – especially in this application so it will function properly in the furler. Why’d the boat choose Samson MLX for the task? Most likely because it’s a really nice line to handle. Seriously, the polyester cover jacket has a great feel, and […]

Sleek Rigging – Fit for a President

Sleek Rigging – Fit for a President

Often times, our riggers call really fancy work “Gucci.” They say, ‘That’s Gucci’ or ‘Very Gucci.’ The name has panache and communicates a lot. I’m taking the liberty to say today – sure, these lines have some Gucci going on, but really, they’re Yves St. Laurent. There’s no mistaking – these are some sleek lines.   For example: check out this check stay – it has been constructed from white 5/16″ Samson AS-90 – a 12-strand braid made out of […]

Custom Running Rigging, a Farr 42 Gets an Upgrade feature image

Farr 42 Custom Running Rigging Upgrade | Expert Advice

This Farr 42 got super technical with their running rigging this week, and our staff was stoked to take on the project. Let’s start with the spinnaker halyard. Green Maffioli DSK-75 Race PC was stripped (the gray core is exposed), bulked with Samson’s AmSteel Blue at the clutch, and chafe-protected with New England DCS at the shackle. You should know by now: stripping rope makes everything lighter, bulking makes line easier to cleat, and chafe-protection…well, we think you get that […]