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Continuous Splice – Code Zero Furler feature image

Continuous Line Splice Used for Code Zero Furler | Expert Advice

APS Continuous Splice + Karver Code Zero Furler + Samson MLX 1/4″= SeaCart 30 Furling Greatness! What’s cool about a continuous splice is the fact that it’s essential for the line diameter to be uniform throughout the splice – especially in this application so it will function properly in the furler. Why’d the boat choose Samson MLX for the task? Most likely because it’s a really nice line to handle. Seriously, the polyester cover jacket has a great feel, and […]

Sleek Rigging – Fit for a President

Sleek Rigging – Fit for a President

Often times, our riggers call really fancy work “Gucci.” They say, ‘That’s Gucci’ or ‘Very Gucci.’ The name has panache and communicates a lot. I’m taking the liberty to say today – sure, these lines have some Gucci going on, but really, they’re Yves St. Laurent. There’s no mistaking – these are some sleek lines.   For example: check out this check stay – it has been constructed from white 5/16″ Samson AS-90 – a 12-strand braid made out of […]

Custom Running Rigging, a Farr 42 Gets an Upgrade feature image

Farr 42 Custom Running Rigging Upgrade | Expert Advice

This Farr 42 got super technical with their running rigging this week, and our staff was stoked to take on the project. Let’s start with the spinnaker halyard. Green Maffioli DSK-75 Race PC was stripped (the gray core is exposed), bulked with Samson’s AmSteel Blue at the clutch, and chafe-protected with New England DCS at the shackle. You should know by now: stripping rope makes everything lighter, bulking makes line easier to cleat, and chafe-protection…well, we think you get that […]

Dyneema Running Rigging Examples | Expert Advice

DSM Dyneema has partnered with top line manufacturers and selected forty skippers to receive new Dyneema line. The goal: skippers will rework their running rigging and test Dyneema in a number of varied applications as part of the 2011 Dyneema® Experience Team and share their experiences with the world. This week, APS got its first in-house taste of the Dyneema Experience. New line looks so good. This Thompson 30 going to rock its new Dyneema: For more info on the […]

Tweak-tastic and Color Coded feature image

505 Custom Smooth Tack Jib Sheets | Expert Advice

International 505 Jib Sheets   Talk about labor-intensive with high performance results. These jib sheets are made of that sweet high tech double braid Dinghy Control Line by FSE Robline featuring color-coded polyester covers with a Dyneema SK-75 Core. Measuring 1/4″ – this line has a tensile strength of 3,700 lbs. Tough and strong. What’s extra sexy about these sheets is the fact they have a smooth tack with tapered and buried covers. Skinny on the Smooth Tack – Works […]

Farr 30 Heads out the Door Today….

Farr 30 Custom Running Rigging Upgrade Examples | Expert Advice

Check out these new Farr 30 jib sheets. We took green Samson Amsteel and pulled black Yale Cover-Only over the line. We replaced the traditional J-lock shackles used on Farr 30s with one of our new Dyneema Shackle Loops. We also replaced the traditional stainless ring with an Antal 14mm low friction ring that will run like butter on the stripped line – even under high loads. Rather than having the J-Lock jamming into the stainless ring at max trim, […]

How a Farr 30 Main Halyard is Made | Expert Advice

The Farr 30 main Halyard is a complicated piece of hardware to make. Tapering a wire and prepping the line for a splice is a tedious and lengthy process. Jarrett Herring, rigging enthusiast here at APS, takes us through the steps and processes involved in the creation of this tricky wire-to-rope transition in the above short video. Yes, Farr 30 was called Mumm 30 in the past. The Pre-Made Wire-to-Rope Halyard kits are made in advance for traditional halyards on […]