Packing List for a Mid Distance Sailboat Race

Take a look at what made the cut for the Mid Distance Sailing Packing List

As the sailing season gets back into full swing, many sailors will be gearing up for mid-distance races such as Annapolis to Bermuda and Newport to Bermuda — both excellent races to push personal and equipment limitations.

I’m sailing the Annapolis to Bermuda.  For this race, I’ll be packing all (except for my foul weather gear, boots, and PFD) my gear into a 30 Liter gear bag for weight and space saving purposes.

What’s covered in the video:

Packing list for sun protection..

 Packing list for my every day wear..

Packing List for the cooler nights..

I chose a few key base layers and mid layers that work great underneath my foul weather gear.

 Packing list for accessories..

Curious about what foul weather gear I’m taking? Check back in with me in a few weeks.


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